Delton has been a part of Edmonton since 1910, a time when land speculators fueled a tremendous expansion in the supply of vacant subdivisions. Upon annexation, Delton was over a mile from the nearest settled subdivision and just south of the old Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Most of Delton was subdivided with the grid pattern of streets common before World War I.

Most development, which took the form of single-detached housing, did not occur until after World War II. Commercial development within the neighbourhood is concentrated along 97th Street. While Delton is bounded on the west and north by major roadways (Yellowhead Trail to the north and 97th Street to the west), its interior streets are relatively quiet. Delton Park is located in the northeast portion of the neighbourhood.

Both the subdivision and the neighbourhood were named after Edward Delegare “Del” Grierson, as was the nearby Grierson Estates. Grierson came to Edmonton in the 1890s while working on the Canadian Pacific railway, and he went on to acquire property along Jasper Avenue, including the old Alberta Hotel (no longer in existence). In the early 1900s, Grierson served a number of terms on Edmonton’s City Council.