Ekota is situated in the southwest portion of Mill Woods, between 23rd Avenue and Mill Woods Road South and between 66th Street and Mill Woods Road.

Neighbourhoods in Mill Woods were designed around the principle of the neighbourhood as a unit. Each neighbourhood is bounded by major roadways, and the arrangement of the interior streets follows a curvilinear pattern. Higher density residential development and commercial land uses are located adjacent to bounding roadways or along the minor collector routes.

Ekota was developed almost entirely during the 1970s and consists of mostly single-family houses. An elementary school, as well as its associated recreational and open space areas, is located at the centre of Ekota. In the southwest corner of the neighbourhood, a junior high school serves Ekota and several surrounding neighbourhoods.

The neighbourhood contains a few businesses and is close to Mill Woods Town Centre. Ekota, along with the Menisa and Satoo neighbourhoods, is a member of the Knottwood Community League, which was founded in 1977. Father Ivor Daniel Park is the official name for the neighbourhood-level ornamental park situated next to St. Clement Catholic School. The park is named in honour of Father Ivor J.E. Daniel, a Catholic priest who ministered in Edmonton, British Columbia, England, and Wales.

In the Cree language, Ekota means “special place.”