Elmwood Park is a compact neighbourhood with a gross area of approximately 48 hectares. Elmwood Park is bounded on all sides by major roadways: Yellowhead Corridor to the north, 82nd Street to the west, Fort Road to the east, and 122nd Avenue to the south.

A mixture of multi-family structures faces 82nd Street. The bulk of the original residences in the neighbourhood (single-detached houses) were constructed during a period from the late 1940s to the 1970s. The homes were designed to accommodate returning World War II veterans, many of whom were given to planting elm trees along the boulevards. Approximately 55 percent of neighbourhood residences are single-family, 35 percent are low-rise apartments, and 10 percent are duplexes.

Commercial space is located in the northeast corner of the neighbourhood, and services, amenities, and employment centres can be reached easily via access on the Yellowhead Trail, Wayne Gretzky Drive, and Fort Road.

Elmwood Park was formerly known as Grierson Estate, named after Edward Delgare “Del” Grierson, but was renamed around 1945.