Hillview is one of the 27 neighbourhoods known collectively as Mill Woods. Mill Woods was a land bank consolidated by the Province and annexed to Edmonton in 1971. The City bought the land and has acted as the developer since that time.

Hillview is similar to most modern neighbourhood-scale subdivisions in terms of basic design. Most neighbourhood development occurred during the 1970s, although some building activity spilled over into the 1980s. The existing residential development is a mix of one-unit dwellings, row housing, and walk-up apartments. The neighbourhood is bounded by major roadways, while interior streets follow curvilinear and keyhole patterns.

Overall, the objective of the roadway network is to provide for the efficient flow of traffic and to minimize the disruptive effects of heavy traffic inside the neighbourhood. A number of strategically placed walkways throughout Hillview make for convenient walking or bicycling from place to place. Hillview has two elementary schools and park sites, which are close to most of the neighbourhood’s higher-density housing.

A neighbourhood shopping plaza is located to the east of the schools. Residents also have access to Millbourne Shopping Centre in the adjacent Lee Ridge neighbourhood. A playground and community league site, Hillview Park, is situated within the neighbourhood. The neighbourhoods of Hillview and Greenview are members of the Woodvale Community League, which was formed in 1980.

Hillview was named because it is situated on the only hill in Mill Woods, providing an excellent view of the surrounding area.