Kameyosek is one of the 26 neighbourhoods that make up Mill Woods. The Government of Alberta assembled the Mill Woods land bank in 1970. Mill Woods was named for Mill Creek, which crossed the area, and for the groves of Parkland forest trees that stood there.

By 1971, a development plan had been prepared by the City of Edmonton. The City began to purchase the land, subdivide it, and sell residential and commercial building lots. Most residential development in Kameyosek took place in the 1970s. Kameyosek is bounded on the south by 28th Avenue, east by 66th Street, west by Mill Woods Road, and by 34th Avenue to the north. Located near the centre of Mill Woods, Kameyosek contains a mixture of land uses.

The dominant structure type in Kameyosek is the single-detached house, but most homes in the neighbourhood are found in multi-unit apartments. Higher-density residences are clustered around the central school site and along the collector roadway that passes through the neighbourhood.

A small commercial plaza is located in the southwest corner of the neighbourhood. Pathways extend out into the neighbourhood from the park and education facilities. The Lakewood Community League, formed in 1978, includes the neighbourhoods of Kameyosek, Tipaskan, and Meyonohk.
 The Mill Woods campus of Grant MacEwan University is situated at the neighbourhood’s southern boundary, two high schools are located in the neighbourhood in the south, and a fire station is situated on 66th Street.

In the Cree language, Kameyosek means “the beautiful.”