With a gross area of over 250 hectares, Ottewell is among the largest of Edmonton’s neighbourhoods, which is especially notable for a neighbourhood located within Edmonton’s Mature Neighbourhood Overlay. Its boundaries are defined by major arterials to the east, north, and west, and a collector road to the south. Road patterns within the neighbourhood are reflective of subdivision planning within the 1950s and 1960s. The majority of single-detached houses, the dominant structure type in Ottewell, were built during this period.

The commercial focus of the neighbourhood is Capilano Mall, located in the northeast corner of Ottewell. A smaller commercial plaza is situated on 90th Avenue. This large neighbourhood features six religious assemblies, seven schools, and several parks, sports fields, and facilities. Additionally, a post-secondary institution, the nearby Kings University College, is located just east of the neighbourhood.

The name Braemar was originally intended for the neighbourhood, and it was briefly known as both East Glenora and East Edmonton Park in the 1910s. The neighbourhood was ultimately named in honour of the Ottewell family, who in 1881 were among the first to settle south of the North Saskatchewan River. The Ottewells were active grain farmers before transitioning into dairying. The family later opened the Ottewell Coal Company and a flour mill. Today, Ottewell’s historic log cabin is on display at Fort Edmonton Park’s 1885 Street.